Thursday, Feb 23, 2023

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Happy Anniversary, "Ephemeral"!

Today, the Michigan Vernal Pools Partnership & its community of partners are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the release of the video, “Ephemeral”, created in partnership by the Michigan Nature Association and Fauna Creative, that beautifully captures the magic of vernal pools and some of the seldom-seen animals that rely on them. 

As we wait for Michigan weather to thaw, amphibians to emerge and make their annual migration, and pools to fill, “Ephemeral” reminds us of the hidden intricacies of ecosystems and the abundance of life that exists in vernal pools that can be easily overlooked. We must continue to bring awareness to the critical role these natural features play for sustaining a number of rare species and greater biodiversity! 

So, celebrate the beginning of March and the kickoff of vernal pool season by viewing & sharing “Ephemeral”!


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